Housing Project

According to government data, there are more than 3,00,000 homeless families in the state. Baithuzzakath since its inception has given priority to ensure shelter to the deserved. A shelter is a basic amenity that ensures social security of a family. In this regard, Baithuzzakath has allocated its funds in three types namely, Complete Construction Aid, Completion Aid and Maintenance Aid. All those who are deserving Zakat can submit online application for this aid. The orphans, widows and the deprived, are prioritised based on the report filed by local field workers. Complete Construction Aid is provided to build houses with an area upto 500 Sq feet. The completion of partially built houses which have a maximum area of 750 Sq ft and repairing of houses with same area are also done under the project. Online applications will be considered based on the approval of area coordinators and report filed district coordinator. Aid is directly transferred to the account of identified applicants. Aid from 50k to 350k are provided under the scheme. Along with the aid of Baithuzzakath, contributions from the local community give added advantage to ensure secure shelter for the beneficiary.

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