Self Employment

A permanent employment upgrade the living standard of a person and happiness at his home is ensued to it. We are going through a pressing time where rate of unemployment is staggering and industries are closing one after another. This has affected the common men and the families badly. Baithuzzakath aims to provide a dignified life by making the individuals and their families self reliant. Those who are hapless to make a living but could be found industrious and hard working if supported by enough facilities are identified as the deserved. Individuals and collectives are eligible for aid under the scheme and will be provided an aid of Rs 150k to Rs 300k. Autorickshaws, small scale farms, businesses, tailoring units, fishing units etc are distributed under the scheme. The deserving are identified after considering their application filed online and the decision to grant aids is taken after field study and scrutiny at various levels. They are provided consultation and periodic trainings to enhance their earnings based on the feedback from close monitoring of operations of their ventures. Zakat is also provided to revamp projects which were left midway due to financial constraints.

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